Blog post by Grace Maguire

I wanted to intern for Democratize for two reasons: 1) I wanted to see my pal, Niklas. 2) One of my primary beliefs is that the youth of today (and their proclivity towards technology) will shift the tides of politics and democracy for the better and for the permanent.

The past ten years or so in US politics have been increasingly transparent in their perceived uptick of moral transgressions, weakening of bipartisan compromise, and hatred and desired violence between belief systems. Two of the population groups that hold the greatest disparities and a seemingly disintegrating amount of understanding between them are those of the youth and of the aged.

The younger generations blame the older generations for having set up a system in which the youth are unable to finance their lives and are forced out of meaningful work in order to survive crippling student loans, rent payments, healthcare costs, etc. These issues are definitely ones that are personally very important, and I know the frustration of having people in power that don’t perceive these issues as priorities all too well. However, there is something that has allowed the lives of the youth to be more streamlined than lives that came before ours.

Kuva poistettu.


Not only am I able to see the passion of my peers in my immediate circles at home, but I can see waves of movements happening over the internet. And the people that make up these movements are my age! This is a time in history in which bad news comes like waves into the public eye, forgotten quickly once they break on the shore. But I saw hope when the Parkland High School activists took a stand and didn’t let people forget what had happened that time around. Because of their endless commitment to their cause and their truth, tangible differences were made in the rhetoric surrounding school shootings, the cultural acceptance of weapons, and even the number of sponsorships for the NRA dropped considerably and publicly. These were high schoolers that made this shift possible!

The #NeverAgain Movement is one that was used by the Parkland activists, but other movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter have all been substantial in the most recent social movements. These online communities have made their splash, and it is because of the ability to utilize technology for social shifts that changes are being implemented in society and how we treat each other.

Kuva poistettu.

That being said, there is a lot on the Internet that one needs to sort through to find the truly significant. Keyboard warriors are a definite side effect of the growth of usefulness of technology in politics. And that is where Democratize comes in.

The streamlining of communication between decision makers and constituents is the next step, and the goals of Democratize fit in perfectly with the logical timeline of that process. Especially now, a time when so much change is being called for, seems ideal for an app like Democratize to make its way into every democracy. This app would streamline information and public opinion, and its dedication to inclusivity will prove to serve everyone equally to raise society overall.

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