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All your life's decisions in one place. 
With VoteOn you can have an impact in your city, workplace or other organisations you belong to. 

At the same time, you can follow the decision-making process in the National and European Parliaments as well as in your municipal council.


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All in One.

We bring your life's decisions into one application. With the help of Open Data, we can give you the decisions in the National and EU Parliaments. Our customer communities like cities and businesses can also engage you in their decision-making.

Download the app and have an impact!

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Oversee Representatives.

Know how your representatives voted in the National and EU Parliaments. By giving your opinion, you can also know who has been there for you.  

By using Open Data we can ensure the quality of our information. All the votes are real and happening in Parliaments. 


Seuraa myös eduskunnan ja Euroopan Parlamentin päätöksentekoa

Impact Securely.

We want you to be a part of the decisions affecting your life. We want you to have a voice. We also want you to be safe. We anonymise all the user data about opinions, and all the voting happens securely.

With us, you can have an impact, with privacy.  

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