All your life decisions in one place. Have an impact at your workplace, housing unit, and city. At the same time, follow the decision-making process of the Parliament, the European Parliament and your municipal council.


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All decisions in one

We bring your life's decisions into one application. With open data, we bring you the decisions of Parliament and the European Parliament, and our client's communities engages you in their decision making process.

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Follow the decision-making process of Parliament and the European Parliament

Utilizing open data, we bring you the right votes and decisions in Parliament and the European Parliament. This will allow you to keep track of what is being decided in these institutions

All information is based on the actual votes being taken in Parliament or in the European Parliament.

Seuraa myös eduskunnan ja Euroopan Parlamentin päätöksentekoa

Monitor selected representatives

By giving your opinion on the votes in Parliament and in the European Parliament, you will find out which representatives and parties are best suited to you. We compare your opinions to the actual votes of the representatives. This way you can be sure that the information is correct.

Trust data, not promises.

Valvo valittuja edustajia


VoteOn is a completely free service. All responses are anonymous and cannot be associated with individual users.

Our mission is to improve participation, transparency and community decision-making.

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