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By engaging, you can learn new things about your members or employees.
VoteOn offers you detailed and usable data deeper than the surface.

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Know your members,
for real

All your members are different.
Some always have a good day, others are extremes, and some follow the middle road.

VoteOn helps you know your members.

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With VoteOn, you learn the specifics of your members and get the right opinions.

We match the responses to the users' general profile to get the right opinions behind the answers.

The answer data is easily structured according to your wishes and personalized background information.

We tailor the service to your specific needs.





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With powerful question tools and responsive question types, you engage your members in a variety of ways, collect ideas, and identify areas for improvement.

Everything is easily accessible on the web and on mobile.

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Automate the entire engagement process.
Collect opinions, measure satisfaction, and measure the pulse of your organization.

You'll automatically receive reports telling you what you need to know.

VoteOn knows the questions and the answers.






With our help you can get an accurate overview of your members and the specifics of the different departments.

We understand your members.

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More value for users

The purpose of the VoteOn mobile and web application is to collect all the questions affecting your life, that is, your users, in one place.

This means higher response rates and more data. We can also use this data in analyzes and reports for you.

VoteOn is a service designed for members.

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